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Can students also enrol? Icon
Yes, students can also apply for the accelerator. However, you need to consider program's time-consumption and whether your startup meets the necessary critersa.
Are office spaces free? Icon
As part of the PERRY TALENTS startup accelerator, all of the teams receive free office spaces to work on their startup, including meeting rooms for meeting mentors, lecturers or their clients.
How does the selection process work? Icon
The selection process has three rounds - an online application, a phone interview and a personal interview. Every round takes you a step closer to your goal of becoming a part of PERRY TALENTS.
How do you select mentors and lecturers? Icon
Mentors are highly qualified people from top business environment, to whom it makes sense to invest their free time in developing talents. We are pairing them with startups based on the segment of startups. Lecturers are experts on specific areas, who offer individual consultations depending on current needs of startups.
What startups are you looking for? Icon
We are looking for innovative startups with unique solutions. However segment does not matter, we care about the stage of startup and team's expertise. Every startup should have a leader with team, in which competencies are clearly divided. Selected startups have to be in stage of validation or be ready for validation.
May I apply also with an idea? Icon
We do not select startups in stage of idea/formation. Depending on the length of existence, startup should be able to provide specific results (data from testing, first prototype, sales data etc.) If you want to consult us about how to continue with your idea, so you could apply next year, don't hesitate to contact us!
What should my startup have in order to get an investment? Icon
We give teams an opportunity to present their startups to investors. In the presentation it is expected to address these: problem, solution + solution of your competition, target group, market, business model, marketing, team and its background, vision, mission and investment amount needed (provide also reasoning).
Do startups pay anything for PERRY TALENTS accelerator? Icon
No, startups do not pay any fees and we do not take any equity. PERRY TALENTS accelerator is free and financed by our partners and founders.

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