An accelerator,
which takes your business to another level

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The program will introduce modern principles of product design, teach you to follow metrics and show you how not to be afraid of sales to large companies. You can expect the following activities in the accelerator:

A 4-month program focuses on product, team, and business development through different workshops, consultations, and pilot testing with our partners.

8 workshops focused on topics that are key to business development and where experts from the segment will introduce you to their methods and also help with their application.

Individual consultations

With experts who will help you with specific technical, legal, or strategic issues.

Networking night

You will have a chance to present your company and pitch your ideas in front of partners, potential customers, or investors.

Progress meetings

You will learn how to monitor the right metrics, organize your business, or set up the business process.

Business Meetings

With our partners, whose aim is to test the products in their early stage and negotiate technological and business partnerships.

Community events

we regularly organize activities in our community or in the community of our partners.

Final Demo Day

A closing ceremony associated with the presentation of startups to a jury of entrepreneurs and investors.

The accelerator plan

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