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DNA ERA, a biotechnological startup from Slovakia achieving great results in the field of genetic analysis and DNA testing. After an initial investment of 250,000 euros in 2020 the company continues its rapid expansion into new markets and innovating its portfolio of products and services.

The company signed its first tranche of the 1 million investment in the beginning of June 2021. By the end of 2021 DNA ERA reached turnover of 684,000 euros and annual revenue growth of more than 700%.



Groundcom builds a network of antennas situated in various locations in the world, which is used to control space satellites and download data from them. Groundcom develops, builds and operates such antennas (called ground stations) and acts as a ground-satellite communication provider.

This infrastructure is key to shortening the time needed to download e.g. earth imagery from satellites down to earth. The goal is to provide such infrastructure that data from satellites can be available in almost real-time. In 2020, the company was awarded an incubation grant from the European Space Agency. The team demonstrated a working prototype in 2022 and is entering pilot operations locations in Australia, Canada and Argentina by the end of the year.

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