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Startups are mainly characterszed by high risk. Success is preceded by many mistakes and lessons learned. Thanks to the analysis of hundreds of startups and discussions with many founders, we have identified a few key topics whose coverage will help startups overcome the biggest challenges of market entry and sustainable growth. These topics will be covered by the most professional experts on the market.

Workshops curriculum

Learn by practice on our workshops. Every two weeks you will get an unique opportunity to learn from experts on various topics from business during our workshops, where you will also test your newly acquired know-how in practice.

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At the beginning of the program, this workshop helps define what stage your startup is at and what you are missing. Then you set goals and KPIs accordingly to ensure growth.

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Legal essentials

Underestimating legal matters is a classic beginner's mistake and can be cruelly avenged. At the workshop, we will talk about how to ideally set up a startup from the point of view of founders, key employees, investors, taxes and costs.

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Value proposition

How to define the value of a product for a customer, find the right product market fit and start a successful and sustainable sale.

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Workshop focused on the art of presenting the company, creating a good pitch deck, story-telling and also the right setting of the presentation for different types of audiences.

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A strong team is the foundation of a fast growing startup and the leader must be able to motivate his team to high performance. The workshop will show how to work effectively with people and how to solve internal problems.

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Lecturers directly from Facebook and Google will lead an online marketing workshop. They will show you current trends and best working strategies. Second part of the workshop will be about data - which data is valuable, how to collect and store them.

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Growth hacking

You will learn new ways to acquire and retain high-value customers, how to focus on the right metrics, and determine your S.M.A.R.T. goals and how to reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.

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Startup financing

How investors think, how to attract them, what to prepare for negotiations and what to look out for when signing an investment.

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