Education and workshops

The world of business is tough and risky. Success comes after many failures and lessons learned. We identified several necessary skills that every founder should obtain in order to lead his startup and team in the right direction. These skills are taught by professionals in form of workshops.

Business development
In the beginning of the accelerator program we will help you to determine in which stage is your startup and what are you missing. Following that, you will set your goals and KPI's.
How to create and lead winning teams? You will identify the structure of your team, which roles are not covered yet and how to set up your structure better. The topic of management vs. leadership will be covered.
Online marketing
Trainers directly from Facebook and Google will guide you through the world of online marketing and data. They will give you valuable advice and show current trends. The second part will cover data - which data are worth collecting, how to collect them, etc.
Media training
Media training has two parts - theoretical and practical. Theory will prepare you for facing media. In the second part you can put the theory into practice. You will go through shooting an interview and analysing the recordings to get feedback for improvement.
Negotiation and sales
How to sell your product? What is the message of your product? Is there a story behind it? Workshop on how to sell a regular pen, how to establish your product on the market and how to negotiate.
Founders' health
Why is founders' well-being important? You will find out why it is crucial to care about your mental health. Have you heard about Founder's blues? We will discuss and share experience.
Every market has its own specifics and trends. Same selling strategy on various markets might not lead to succeeding. Expansion brings new challenges, for which you might not be prepared. You will learn how to successfully expand to foreign markets and go global.
Startup financing
Are investors the only way how to finance a startup? We will explain various options of obtaining resources. You will learn new techniques for attracting investors and find out what is a perfect pitch. What happens after you gain investment? Experts will show you how to negotiate fair conditions and what are your rights? You will come across terms like mergers and acquisitions and why it is important to understand them.
Demo day
In the end of the accelerator program you will have an opportunity to meet investors and present your startup. During demo day you will perform your pitch and get valuable feedback before the final pitch in front of investors.


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