Accelerated startups
The PERRY TALENTS accelerator has completed two successful acceleration cycles, through which almost 20 startups have gone. In this section you can read more about their story and successes.


CapaCV is a digital CV that shows skills, charisma and helps people apply for jobs in a truly unique way using today's state-of-the-art technology. CapaCV is a tool for recruiters or HR managers to reveal talent before meeting them in person. CapaCV is now available as a website and mobile application.

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Healthclip develops an application that allows patients to easily create and process a personal health card and store all medical records on the cloud, or even translate them into any language in which they need them. The project is currently completing a front-end of the application.

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The mobile application uses machine learning technology to improve the photo by identifying and deleting objects that are undesirable in the photo (passers-by, cars ...). The context of the photo is complemented by image inpainting technology in such a way that the photo looks natural. Just-you-cam is launched and you can download their app in your mobile phone app store.

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Správy o meste

Mobile application for cities and municipalities in Slovakia, which provides a modern and effective way of communication between the city or municipality and their citizens. Currently, the application works in 30 cities in Slovakia. Next step for Simplicity is to expand to the Polish and Czech markets.

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3Dimension has developed a 3D printer, which the customer can take with a van and build his new home with it. The 1:10 prototype of the construction 3D printer is finished and the prototype in the size of 1: 1 is before the final completion. At the same time, 3Dimension has developed a unique concrete mix for 3D home construction, which weighs 70% less than conventional concrete while maintaining strength parameters, making construction simpler and more environmentally friendly.

Live Space

Community platform for residential communities, which brings transparent and effective communication. Users in the application deal with reporting faults, tracking costs and informing about what is happening in their neighborhood. The finished application has hundreds of registered users. LiveSpace has various first B2B customers and reached a breakeven point.

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The aim of the POTOTO application is to increase the engagement of employees in companies through instant and regular feedback that employees provide in the application to company processes, colleagues, events, etc. The application is currently being integrated into the first B2B customer's internal system.

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Electroad is dedicated to predictive modeling of consumption and realistically achievable range of an electric vehicle. Electroad solves the problem for owners of electric cars and users of car-sharing platforms of the so-called range anxiety - fear of insufficient vehicle range, failure to reach the destination and getting stuck on the road.


The S-Case is a multifunctional, medical-technology device in the size of a smartphone, with the function of diagnosing the patient even without the presence of qualified medical personnel. S-Case is mainly designed for doctors working in third world countries and immigration camps. Here it will replace the large, numerous - many times energy and cost-intensive devices. However, it can also be used by rescue units in Slovakia or other countries. S-Case aims to make the world healthier.

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The DNA ERA project brings a new approach to health and prevention consulting, based on our DNA. The project focuses on human DNA analysis, which presents a new perspective on health, nutrition and physical activities to clients. After the analysis, the client gets an overview of more than 60 risk areas of their health. At the same time, he gets tips on how to reduce the risk and how to prevent it. He will also learn more about his nutrition and sport predispositions.

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Muvity is a new real estate portal that addresses the three biggest issues of real estate advertising - site selection, duplication of ads and finding a professional broker. Selecting a property in a particular location is easy thanks to Muvity, the properties are shown clearly on the map. You can also find the best broker at Muvity. In addition, every Muvity broker receives reviews and ratings from real clients.

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Lebo Mädveď

Lebo Mädveď combines design, playfulness and education. It is the result of creativity and the need to create meaningful products for the loved ones and surroundings, where you can not only entertain yourself, but also learn something new. Current Product - Puzzle Slovakia - educates about our country in a playful way. The player has the option to put Slovakia together by district. The combination of interesting matersals and playfulness anchors person in the present, in today’s world of technology.

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SHOPPOINT is a vending machine with automated dispersal system connected to the stock space, which can give out merchandise of various sizes and weight. The uniqueness of this dispersal system stems from its ability to be adjusted according to your preferences of measurements. Operation of the vending machine and the transaction itself is carried out via a touchpad which contains videos, photos and basic information about each of the products being sold via the vending machine. It is possible to place the vending machine at frequented locations where it can serve as a means of sales and marketing, thanks to its easy manipulation.

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We spend most of our time at work, that's why it is important what environment we are in. Startup Klindesk shapes working environment with interactive modular working tables. The aim of this startup is to maximise productivity and effectiveness of work. Product Klindesk offers modulation system - customised design of working tables to everyone's individual needs.


In this day and age, we can't imagine living without the internet. Unfortunately, for some types of people it is not easy to work with the internet. Specifically blind and partially sighted people, who are dependent on other senses than sight. Therefore Webable develops web browser for visually impaired people. Its function is to make navigation, orientation and accessibility on web better. Webable will improve comfort of using internet for handicapped people.

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